Mariner Finance
3301 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Josh Johnson
President, CEO

I wanted to write about my recent excellent experience with Mariner Finance.  Back in 2008, I had bought a Tempurpedic bed and had it financed through Mariner Finance.  The loan was no interest if paid off in 2 years.  I had been making the payments on time and was set to pay off the loan this month (March).  When I had called to get the remaining balance there was a mistake on how much was left on the loan.  After talking with the branch manager and trying to correct the situation, nothing was resolved in over one week.

I ended up emailing and calling Josh Johnson, the CEO of Mariner Finance.  He immediately took my call and listened to my concerns.  After hearing my case, he wanted to research my case and said he would call back immediately.  He did call me back immediately and had the situation resolved.  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE by Josh Johnson.

Although I wish that this matter was handled on the branch level, it is good to know that a CEO like Josh Johnson can quickly resolve a customer concern and he actually helps his clients.  He is definitely setting an example that all Mariner Finance employees should follow.  To me, it’s easy for me to see why he’s the CEO.

I have already recommended Mariner Finance to a few of my friends and now I put it out for the rest of cyberspace.  If you ever need a personal loan, go to Mariner Finance.  They are very reputable and have great customer service as exhibited by their CEO, Josh Johnson.  I am planning on getting another loan with them because they are a great company.